The Water/Wastewater Commission holds the monthly Commission meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month, with a few exceptions.  Holidays and other issues may cause us to move the date of the meetings.  The meeting date and times are posted on the bulletin boards at the Town Office on Main St, the Post Office, and the Co-op.  The meetings are held in the front office of the Town (Municiple) Offices.  Please come to the front door, not the side door of the building.

The current Commissioners are Joshua Stewart Pitts and Tim Phillips, and Mary Lane who is the Chairperson. 

The Water and Wastewater Chief Facility Operator is:  Greg Chamberlin, and Tristan MacGregor-Stewart is the Assistant Operator.  

 The phone number to the Treatment Facility  is:  454-7173, the cell phone is: 793-0795.



INTERESTING FACTOID:  Prior to the meter installations, the daily water usage was about 45,000 gallons/per day.   That amount has dropped to about 33,000 gallons/per day.  During the meter installations, some major, and minor leaks were discovered, so we are already saving about 12,000 GPD!!



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